• Name of Cluster: FFCR
  • Website:
  • President: Marco Calcamuggi
  • Membership: 500 companies
  • Contact
    Philippe Roussel - Executive Manager of FFCR
    Tel : +33 6 8802 0350  |   Email :

FFC Robotique is the national association of all the regional and thematic clusters in France. The following clusters are members of FFC Robotique: Aquitaine Robotics, Coboteam, Proxinnov, Réseau 3R, RoboNumérique, Robotics Place and Robotics Valley.

FFC Robotique is recognized by the French Government as the representative structure of the robotics industry. FFC Robotique is a private organization, elected by the clusters.

More than 500 companies, research laboratories and engineers schools are members of our clusters. We represent the French service robot industry making logistic robots, surgery robots, agriculture robots, kiosk / welcome robots, education robots, underwater robots, telepresence robots, autonomous vehicles, drones, … and the industrial robot industry that is mainly composed of robots integrators.

FFC Robotique is working at international relations and business development.