• Name of Cluster: COBOTEAM
  • Website:
  • President: Frédéric Helin
  • Membership: 445 companies
  • Contact
    Frederic Helin - Director of COBOTEAM
    Tel : +33 6 51 07 73 80   |   Email :

Established in 2015, Coboteam is one of the largest robotics cluster in Europe which aims at developing the robotics field in the region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. Based in Grenoble (France), the cluster gathers the different actors (large companies, startups, laboratories, schools) working in robotics, cobotics, AI and drone.

By offering a large range of services like networking, business development, educational development and technical support, Coboteam allows synergies between different actors of the regional ecosystem and contribute to the economic development.

The cluster is also a member of different international organizations and co-founder of the French federation of robotics clusters (FFCR).

Our members are categorized on 4 mains activities which are:

  • Industrial robotics and cobotics
  • Social robots
  • Mobile platforms
  • Drones

Auvergne Rhône-Alpes is the first industrial area in France. Due to the size of the cluster, 445 companies, 19000 jobs and about € 3bn of turnover generated, robotics has a great potential of development in our region.