• Name of Cluster: Daegyeong Robot Enterprise Association
  • Website: http://www.repa.or.kr/
  • President: Changho Kim
  • Membership: 75 companies
  • Contact
    Jae-Wook Shin - Senior Researcher
    Tel : +82-53-382-3130   |   Email : jwshin@repa.or.kr

Daegyeong Robot Enterprise Promotion Association (REPA) initiated this project in 2009 to represent the interests of members and to be the driving force in the development of the robotics industry by actively suggesting political directions through enhanced information exchange and consensus-making among companies, as well as performing research projects for the development of the sector.

Main Projects

  1. Operation and support
    • Hold and support the Daegu Robot Expo (ROBEX)
    • International exchange and collaboration
    • Daegu Global Robot Business Forum
    • Support the Korea Intelligent Robot Contest
  2. Network and infrastructure construction
    • Networking day for members
    • Demand survey and DB construction for members
    • Hold the Global Robotist’s Night
    • Domestic/international exchange, including collaboration and networking projects
    • Create a robot experts’ pool (consultants, expert panels, etc.)
  3. Collaboration with related organizations
    • To create robot industry markets and improve part competitiveness
    • To enhance international exchange and collaboration for the development of the robot industry
  4. Own projects
    • Daegu Global Robot Business Forum
    • Expected to build the Global Robot Supercluster, an international organization, in 2019
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