USA (Massachusetts)

  • Name of Cluster: MassRobotics
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  • President: Daniel Theobald
  • Membership: 200 companies
  • Contact
    Thomas Ryden- Executive Director
    Tel : +1 617-543-4778   |   Email :

MassRobotics is an independent, non-profit organization that serves as the innovation hub for robotics and connected devices. Thru programming and events, MassRobotics helps create a vibrant ecosystem by bringing together startups, existing technology organizations, universities, investors, public officials and service providers to nurture the next generation of talent and promote economic growth and innovation.

Since opening its shared workspace facility in February of 2017, MassRobotics has attracted over thirty companies to locate here. In our space companies receive amenities such as Wi-Fi, printers and a stocked kitchen, as well as shared resources including lab equipment, software licenses, 3D printers and access to robotic platforms that are usually not affordable startups. MassRobotics also provide connections thru events and networking including funding resources, legal expertise, product development and manufacturing, to help ensure scaling and success.

Company ListClick for details
  • American Robotics - Agriculture automation using drones
  • Collabots - Educational & social robotics
  • Southie Autonomy - Collaborative robot sensing and interaction
  • Harmonic Drive - High precision servo actuators, gearheads and gear components
  • Open Source Robotics - Software support for robotics industry (research, education, product dev)
  • Realtime - Real-time robotic motion planning and risk aware autonomous driving
  • MITRE - Human robot interaction research
  • SoftWear - Autonomous machines for sewn goods - manufacturing
  • Robotiq - Robotic plug + play components for factory automation
  • Andros Robotics - Force controlled actuators & robotic arms for warehouse automation
  • ORI Systems - Robotic furniture for high-density urban living
  • Bobbin Embedded - Open source Rust ecosystem - embedded development
  • Hydroswarm - AI enabled underwater drones
  • Aescape - Consumer robotics
  • ThayerMahan - Marine robotics, security, & acoustic engineering
  • Pison Technology - Ultra-sensitive and wearable biopotential sensor
  • Waeco LLC - Ground drone delivery for small packages in urban environments
  • Activ Surgical Robotics - Developing surgical robot
  • 4D Space Genius - Autonomous inventory solutions for brick-and-mortar retail environments
  • Thinking Robots - Software control architectures for autonomous robots
  • Tennibot - Robotic tennis ball collector
  • Autonodyne - Software for autonomous aircraft
  • Northeastern University - Valkyrie NASA robot research & other grants
  • UMass Lowell - Valkyrie NASA robot research
  • M Innovations Ltd - Robot
  • HXR LLC - Robotic hardware deployment and continuous integration as a service
  • RGS Automation - Gripping technology solution products
  • InnovaSea - Integrated aquaculture platforms
  • Apricart - Shopping cart auto check-out
  • Hybrid Digital - Fabless IC company
  • Ascend Robotics - Smart Collaborative Robots, AI and perception
  • URSA - Autonomous systems intelligence platform
  • SleepEgg - Environmental tracker that influences sleep